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KCG delivers a range of specialized services to the network industries, including transport, energy, extractive, and water resource industries.

Asset sourcing: finding appropriate assets and resources in the countries of interest that fit the risk profile;

Transaction support: accessing experts who can share the load, for example, by performing a thorough validation of the business case and conducting expert due diligence.

Mine planning: providing strategic and economic advice to resource companies – with a particular emphasis on the economics of mineral exploration.

Energy: we offer a range of services to energy-related projects in the renewable and non-renewable energy sectors. Among these services are risk assessment, due diligence audits and reviews, authorization and permitting, engineering studies and design, and regulatory and governance compliance. 

Environmental Assessment: our multi-disciplinary environmental and social team has wide experience in all aspects of environmental, waste, and social management.

Infrastructure Development: project management, design, drawing, contract documentation, administration, and site inspection. We also act as consultants for urban, commercial, and industrial developers and undertake the design and construction of specialized structures.

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